Philadelphia v. Denver: Which is the Best World Series City?

The Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies are still slugging their way to the World Series, but in the meantime fans of both teams are busy promoting their cities and stadiums.  But just who’s the best?  And more importantly, who has the best hotdogs and beer?  Sure their respective teams are important, but does one stadium just beat the rawhide off the other?  Here are some stats about the two cities for you to decide.

Philly may be known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” but don’t let that fool you-- when baseball season comes around this city of 1.4 million people has a solid base of die-hard fans.  And while Denver itself clocks out around 600,000 inhabitants, its metro area supports around three million people, many of whom aren’t afraid to show their “Rockies” pride.  When it comes to stadiums Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Bank Park is nestled amongst a cluster of other stadiums (Lincoln, Wachovia Center, and Wachovia Spectrum), giving it a slightly metro feel, while Coors Field, located in the downtown area of Denver, has the atmosphere of a neighborhood gathering point.

But on to the more important stuff:  where’s the best place to go for a beer before the game starts?  Well, if you’re in Philadelphia at the start of June you can always participate in the 10-day bender known as the “Philly Beer Week.”  At other times, fans can be found at McFadden’s Ballpark, a large bar with a patio that is perfect for outdoor drinking in good weather.  

Denver’s also not shy when it comes to beer, and each September it holds its own brewers’ event known as the “Great American Beer Festival.” And as the current holder of the Guinness Book of World Record for the greatest assortment of beers (1,900 beers on tap and 400 bottles), no one should go thirsty.  Favorite Denver watering holes when the Beer Fest isn’t in town include the Wynkoop Brewing Company and El Chapultepec, chosen as one of the best bars in the nation by Esquire Magazine.

For eats, Philadelphia has the famous Chickie’s and Pete’s crab bar and Tony Luke’s for some of the best calorie-infused Philly Cheese Steak delights your heart will ever have the pleasure of handling.  And if you’re a vegetarian (and still from “Philly”?), there is now a menu just for you at Citizen’s Bank Ballpark.  

Of course, being a city situated in the once wild West, Denver is known for its steak houses (which seem to be opening in equal proportion with hotels in the area).  The Chop House, located in the historic Union Pacific building is one favorite, while tourists and college students alike seem to like the breakfast burritos sold on many corners.  Meanwhile, more “discerning” culinary connoisseurs can get a “gourmet hotdog” at Biker Jim’s.

So when you boil all the beer, hotdogs, cheese steaks and stadiums down, who has the best city and venue for the next World Series?  That’s a question for the fans to answer.  Until then, be sure to spend your own “off-season” checking out everything that these two great cities have to offer.