Pillow Fight on Lufthansa Earns Applause

While the controversy continues to fly in the blogosphere about JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater (who made a memorable exit from an aircraft), it might be nice to remember that, when passengers and attendants keep their senses of humor, everyone can have a good time, as this video from a recent Lufthansa flight proves...


According to Martin Riecken, Lufthansa's director head of corporate communications for the Americas, the situation began when the flight attendant began handing out pillows to passengers. Several passengers in a group began tossing the pillows among themselves, and one hit the flight attendant. Undaunted, she tossed the pillows back, and the fight was on.

“She responded in the right way,” Riecken told Travel Agent. “It shows how important it is to have the right attendants in this job, and how important it is to react to passengers’ sentiments in [the right] way. She did the right thing and responded in the appropriate way.”

Riecken, who only learned about the fight from the YouTube video, also pointed out that, for a pillow fight to take place, guests must first have pillows. "At Lufthansa, they are complimentary," he noted.

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