Planeterra and Gap Adventures' East Africa Relief Effort Exceeds Goal


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A fundraising appeal to the adventure travel community, led by Planeterra and Gap Adventures, has surpassed its goal for contributions toward emergency relief in East Africa between August 2 and 3.

The humanitarian effort is in response to the region’s severe drought with a mass migration of refugees from Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya coming to the Daadab Refugee Camps.

In just six hours, the partnering non-profit organization and adventure travel company reached their goal of $25,000 to help fund emergency drinking water stations in the region’s drought-stricken areas. On the afternoon of August 3, CARE Canada’s website showed that the relief effort had generated more than $35,000 in contributions.

The Planeterra/Gap Adventures relief effort, managed by CARE Canada, also a non-profit, continues now with plans to aid in financing a second emergency water station in Kenya.

Encouraging any monetary amount, Bruce Poon Tip, founder of Gap Adventures, explained that every cent will be used toward this cause. Also, the Canadian International Development Agency will match donations made by Canadians.

Donors can contribute directly to the relief effort online through links on Gap Adventures’ website, and Planeterra’s website. There is no minimum contribution amount.

Current financial donations from Gap Adventures’ global community represent more than 100 countries.

Planeterra recently announced the establishment of four social and environmental responsibility funds, including its Emergency Preparedness & Response Fund. This specific fund is for emergency response to climate-related and natural disasters in destinations where travelers and travel partners can donate effectively to help the area recover.

Donations exceeding these goals will be allocated to this fund, and distributed according to urgent needs and in ways that will help prevent the need for emergency aid in future.

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