Plans Unveiled for Christchurch Redevelopment

Good news for New Zealand: The Toronto Star has a promising article on the planned redevelopment of Chrustchurch, which was damaged by a deadly earthquake in February 2011. According to the story, the city is planning to build a convention center, sports stadium and performing arts complex in the affected city-center.

Earlier this week, government planners unveiled a blueprint for the city that replaces office towers with green spaces, urban apartments and innovation “hubs” they say will give the city the feel of a college campus. Under the plan, the city will be smaller, the buildings lower in height and constructed to higher earthquake standards.

Under the plan, the city would be bordered with green spaces, and the overall design would give more emphasis to the Avon River. An earthquake memorial and a Maori cultural center would be prominent in the area. The central city square would be divided into a number of smaller public gathering spots.

The city would be broken into a series of hubs featuring related activities. For instance, there would be a health precinct anchored by a hospital, a justice precinct with courts and a police station, and a retail precinct with stores.

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