Protests in Athens Turn Violent


Image // (c) John Kolesidis / Reuters

CNN is reporting that violent protests are taking place in Athens as police fired tear gas to disperse stone-throwing demonstrators who had taken to the streets to voice their objection to austerity measures.

Lawmakers are set to vote this Wednesday on a tough five-year package of tax increases and spending cuts that they claim is necessary for the debt-laden country to secure another bailout.

According to the article, police in riot gear had set up barricades outside the Greek Parliament. A 48-hour general strike kicked off in the early morning hours, hobbling most of Greece's transportation systems but freeing up workers to participate in demonstrations. CNN reporters at the scene said they witnessed police firing tear gas canisters into the crowds as protesters threw rocks and stones at security forces.

It is worth noting that the U.S. State Department has not issued any warnings or alerts on travel to Greece.

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