Puerto Plata Opens Landscape Park of La Puntilla and Amphitheater

The new Puerto Plata Amphitheater

Clients in search of live, outdoor music will now have another reason to visit the north coast of Dominican Republic, with the grand opening of the Tourism and Landscape Park of La Puntilla and Puerto Plata Amphitheater.

Located adjacent to the historic Fort San Felipe, and offering views of the ocean and the north coast of the Dominican Republic, the Puerto Plata Amphitheater has a total capacity for 4,000 people.

President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, led the opening ceremonies during the park's inaugural event Thursday, July 14.

Delivering the keynote speech, the minister of tourism stressed the importance of the work, stating the additional attraction to Puerto Plata will enrich and strengthen the already growing tourism offerings of the area.

Puerto Plata has increased in popularity over the past few years. According to officials from the Dominican Republic's Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster (CTDPP), tourist arrivals surged in 2015 as visitors to the city on the country's northwest coast increased 11.5 percent year-over-year.

This leap is due in large part to the October 2015 opening of Carnival Corp.'s $85 million Amber Cove cruise port, which is on track to host 400,000 vacationers this year according to CTDPP officials. The operations at Amber Cove, which refers to the region's historically rich mineral wealth and generous amber reserves, bring an average of 5,000 visitors to Puerto Plata each week. The addition of the amphitheater is yet another reason Puerto Plata will soon be on the top of travelers' destination lists.

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