Puerto Vallarta Continues Security Assessment of the Destination

Thomas Dale & Associates (TDA), a global investigative and security firm that was hired by the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board last year to assess the security status of the city, has published a follow up report on the city.

This time the firm which last year concluded that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest tourist destinations for international and national tourists has assessed specific aspects of the destination that may affect its visitors, including threat assessment, medical services, and traffic and law enforcement.

The assessment, which took place from February 19-25, focused primarily on potential and actual criminal vulnerability. The study found that Puerto Vallarta which continues to be a popular destination for international travelers as well as for Mexican nationals and that the U.S. State Department warning that was issued this year highlighted this.

It also applauds the city of Puerto Vallarta for having twice the national standard of policemen (2.0 per 1000 Pop.) required by Mexico’s Federal Government to qualify for federal subsidies and for increased police patrols in areas surrounding the popular destination.

Another program the study looked into was the city’s “Taxi Safe” notification system in which 150  businesses in and outside the tourist zone have signed up to participate and assist tourists.

The renovations taking place in the destination’s Malecon in the Historic District were also mentioned in the assessment as well as the Ameri-Med, the new multi-story medical facility in Puerto Vallarta that is located in the marina, one of the most frequently visited areas in the destination.

Hotel occupancy for the first 5 months of 2012 was up by 19 percent in Puerto Vallarta, placing it as one of the most popular international destinations in Mexico.

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