Qantas Begins Sustainable Fuel Studies on Flights

More good news for eco-conscious travelers: Qantas announced last week that it will conduct a feasibility study into the potential for an Australian sustainable aviation fuel industry, backed by funding from the Australian Government.

Martin Ferguson, minister for resources, energy and tourism, confirmed the government’s support for the study. He was speaking ahead of Australia’s first flight powered by sustainable aviation fuel, operated by Qantas from Sydney to Adelaide using a fuel type derived from recycled cooking oil. Later this week, Jetstar flights JQ705 and JQ706 from Melbourne to Hobart and back will be powered by the same fuel type.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the project would explore the conditions needed for the production of aviation biofuel from sustainable sources within Australia. “Alternatives to conventional jet fuel are vital to the aviation industry meeting ambitious targets for carbon-neutral growth and emissions reduction…Australia has the skills, resources and infrastructure to take a lead in this emerging sector, which the CSIRO has estimated could generate up to 12,000 jobs over the next 20 years.”