Qantas May Cut Intra-US Flights; Pilots Vote for 'Token' Action

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Qantas is expected to cut its flights between Los Angeles and New York in order to stem losses from its international operations.

As the outcome of a wide-ranging review looms, services between the US's east and west coasts are believed to be the most likely to be ditched, and the airline may also cut service to Buenos Aires, Honolulu and Mumbai.

Should the route be cut, Qantas's alliance partner, American Airlines, would provide connecting flights between LA and New York. The two airlines are awaiting regulatory approval to deepen their alliance on the trans-Pacific route. The airline has not made any official statement on the possible route changes, but will release its end-of-fiscal-year statement as scheduled in August.

In other Qantas news, the International Business Times is reporting that the airline's long-haul pilots have provided management with notice for tokenistic action in order to “activate” the full range of industrial action voted for by 94 per cent of members in a ballot earlier this month. A single Qantas B747 captain will activate Protected Industrial Action forms 2, 3 and 4a on a flight later in the week by working to rule, placing a ban on extending his tour of duty and not wearing his cap.


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