Remote Lands Adds Bhutan Journey

Clients seeking personalized journeys to Asia now can travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan on custom trips designed by Remote Lands.

The luxury operator draws on its local connections to develop trips that enable explorers to immerse themselves in this country tucked away in the Himalayas, surrounding themselves with its people's way of life and the soul of the culture. Clients are able to choose from a number of unusual experiences. Couples marking a significant wedding anniversary might want to renew their vows in a traditional Bhutanese marriage ceremony in a Buddhist temple, with monks chanting and praying at dawn, and later playing music and serving yak butter tea and exotic dishes.

 Clients can view traditional dance ceremonies

Those wanting to get a taste of everyday life can venture to a remote farming village, where they'll be greeted with a traditional procession and a dance ceremony, followed by lunch in the home of the village headman with him and his extended family.

Another option is dining in the home of a government minister. Travelers watch a demonstration of traditional Bhutanese cuisine, and then dine with the minister and hear about life and business in Bhutan. Other choices include royal audiences and visits to a remote Buddhist monastery.

Personalized, all-inclusive Bhutan travel starts at $1,000 per person per day, and may rise depending on the use of private jet charters and the services of such professionals as private chefs and concierges. International air is additional. Agent contact at Remote Lands is Catherine Heald, president and co-founder. Contact her at [email protected] or 646-415-8092.

With the addition of Bhutan, Remote Lands now provides travel to 15 countries in Asia. If your clients are interested in visiting multiple countries, you may want to tap into Remote Lands' ability to arrange customized trips, perhaps including chartered private jet.