Report – As France Air Strike Ends, Rail Strike Begins

trainAir traffic controllers in France ended their strike Thursday morning, but now another travel disruption looms: a walk-out by workers at French railway SNCF, Euronews reports.

The rail strike, which is slated to last until Friday, is expected to disrupt half of the trains traveling from France into Switzerland and one-third of the trains operating into Italy. The Paris-London Eurostar, Alléo trains into Germany and Thalys trains to Amsterdam and Brussels are all expected to continue operating normally, Euronews says.

The latest strike is to protest a plan by the SNCF to divide the rail system into three divisions, Euronews reports.

Sky News reports that a Eurostar spokesman has advised travelers with onward connections to make alternate travel arrangements.

“Our international services are running normally, but we are advising that if passengers have connections to domestic services that they travel on another day,” the spokesperson told Sky News. “Our passengers will be able to transfer travel dates without charge.


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