Report: Cayman Islands Close to Revitalizing Its Capital City

According to an editorial in the Cayman Net News, George Town could be looking at a rebirth in the Cayman Islands. The report states that bids are likely to be forthcoming from at least two substantial companies for the development of new cruise ship berths in n George Town  which could be the first step in revitalizing the Cayman Islands’ capital city.

“In recent decades George Town has been something of a conundrum – bustling with trade and commerce during the day, virtually deserted at night,” the editorial states. “In fact, not dissimilar to the archetypical financial district, the City of London.

And now? The new bids could represent a “once-in-a generation opportunity to transform George Town into the user-friendly centre it needs to be if it is to become a real asset to the Cayman Islands and our economy.” For the full story,  click here.