Report - Ireland's Hotels Low on Europe's Price Scale

If your clients are looking for a top-notch European vacation, here's a new reason to recommend Ireland: Hotel room prices in Ireland are the third cheapest in Europe, according to the latest figures from travel website as reported on Irish business site RTE.

The article also notes that there are "sharp regional variations" within the Irish figures—for example, Kilkenny has the country's most expensive rooms at an average of €96 a night. Limerick is the cheapest destination at €64 per night.

The average cost for a room in Dublin is €77, which is up 3 percent compared to last year.

According to the Independent, the continued stabilization of the Irish hotel sector in general—but the rise of the capital's fortunes in particular—comes on the back of increasing events and conference business.

The Hotel Price Index (HPI) is a regular survey of hotel prices in major destinations across the world.

The HPI is based on bookings made on and prices shown are those actually paid by customers in the eurozone (rather than advertised rates) in the first half of 2012.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Séamus MacCormaic, director of market management at, said that the numbers mean that "there is great value to be had" in Ireland's hotels. MacCormaic expects a strong second half to the year.