Report: Mexican President Stars in New Tourism Pitch

The Associated Press and New York Times are reporting that President Felipe Calderón of Mexico has a new role in efforts to lift Mexico’s sagging tourism industry.

Calderón, 49, will appear as an adventure guide of sorts in 30-minute television programs to appear starting next month on public television stations in the United States.

According to the report, Calceron sports an “Indiana Jones-style hat and a harness” and descends a rope into a cavern, accompanied by Peter Greenberg, host of the “The Royal Tour” series.

The A.P. reports that Calderón also straps on scuba tanks to lead Greenberg into a sinkhole lake, known as a cenote, in the Yucatán and helps a Lacandon Indian paddle a boat down a jungle river. Calderón’s message is that Mexico is safe for tourists.