Report: REDjet Plans to Launch Same-Day Return Service from Antigua and Barbados

Caribbean360 is reporting that low-cost carrier REDjet proposes to fly between Antigua and Barbados with same-day return service beginning in June.

REDjet will be offering summer specials to Antigua starting with a $16.99 promotional fare. This means travelers between the two countries will now have a new alternative for travel over the summer months, as REDjet proposes to fly between the two cities with same-day return service.

According to the report, communications executive, Nyssa Pierre said the airline was now getting permissions to travel on new routes faster, especially as key players involved recognized the importance of the airline and its low fares.

She added that the airline’s Barbados/Antigua route was very significant and REDjet would be recognized as the main carrier bridging the northern and southern Caribbean.

Pierre said Barbados had noticed significant increases in traffic from Guyana and Trinidad, which would add to the improvement of the countries’ economies.