Report: Tropical Storm Ana Could Bring Gusty Winds, Heavy Rain to Hawaii This Week

Photo by is reporting that heavy rain and gusty winds may threaten Hawaii later this week as Tropical Storm Ana tracks toward the islands. Residents and travelers to Hawaii, particularly the Big Island, should pay close attention to the track and strength of this system.

Ana intensified from a tropical depression to a tropical storm late on Monday over the central Pacific Ocean. meteorologists think that Ana may be just off the southeast coast of the Big Island as a Category 1 hurricane early Saturday morning local time. Ana may then attempt to make a landfall as a tropical storm on the Big Island later Saturday or Saturday night.

At the very least, there will be a surge of rain and gusty winds that reach the Big Island Saturday. Numerous showers and downpours will then expand into the remainder of the islands Sunday and Monday, including in Honolulu.

The rain will pose a flash flood threat, resulting in some washed-over roads or local landslides. Any wind damage will highly depend on whether Ana is able to make landfall as an organized tropical system.

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