Riviera Nayarit Calls Thrill Seekers

Riviera Nayarit is becoming a hot spot for thrill seekers. In fact, the destination is among the few places in Mexico that offers skydiving on the beach, snorkeling with sharks and flyboarding. 

SkydiveMex is one of the few operators in Mexico that allow skydivers to parachute down to a beach. Programs cater to both experienced and novice jumpers. Those who've never tried skydiving before are paired with an experienced instructor. A special plane takes jumpers to 13,000 feet. Skydiving is weather dependent; the season runs from November to April.

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From November to April, hundreds of whale sharks come to the waters of Riviera Nayarit. These are the world's largest species of fish, weighing around 20,000 pounds. Yet, as filter feeders that dine on tiny plans and animals, whale sharks tend to be docile and unthreatening. On whale watching excursions with Sport Fishing San Blas, snorkelers can witness these creatures in their own element. 

One of the world's newest extreme sports, flyboarding uses a jet pack to propel a rider on a board up into the air or through the water. Invented in 2011, flyboarding allows people to fly and hover above the water like birds and race underwater like dolphins. Hand and foot controls allow for amazing acrobatics, somersaulting and twirling through the air. Vallarta Adventures provides expert instruction and gear for the experience.

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