Rough Week for UK Tourism...


It's been a rather grim week for the tourism industry in the UK. Passengers blasted Heathrowairport in a survey by Which Holiday? magazine, calling it the “worst place to travel from.” Industry analysts Plimsoll warned that almost 10 percent of UK tour operators could be taken over, after losing over half their value in the past year. And riots broke out today as Londoners fiercely protested the G20 summit, with demonstrators smashing the windows of a Royal Bank of Scotland branch. Nineteen people were arrested in the melee.

But in spite of all the tension, there are glimmers of hope. Later this month, a new marketing campaign called “Only in London” will focus on the many unique experiences London offers. New hotels are still going up, and deals on tours and hotels abound in some surprising areas. Your clients can visit the homes of the Brontë sisters, or explore out-of-the-way destinations on Channel Islands.

Beyond that, by the very act of going to the UK, your clients can prove their confidence in its enduring popularity as a destination. Heathrow may not be the best airport, but London will always be a happening city, and your clients will always find something exciting to see and do there.