Royal Hawaiian Center Launches Food Market

Hawaii-bound foodies are in luck: The Royal Hawaiian Center is launching its new farmers market, which will have produce, prepared foods, flowers and more from twenty Hawaiian vendors.

This is a great opportunity for visitors to try local cuisine like Pipikaula 'O Kahalu'u beef jerky, Malie Kai chocolate made from Hawaiian cacao grown on O'ahu's North Shore, Nalo Mele honey, Pacifikool fresh and all-natural island ginger ale, Happy Cakes' pineapple macadamia nut fruit cake, Big Wave Tomatoes' grilled pesto pizza, and more.

Kahuku Farms, Ho Farms and Khamphout Farms will showcase a variety of fresh produce grown in the country including cherry and grape tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, farm harvested vanilla beans, seasonal fruits, and taro leaves.


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