San Jose Native Named New Director of Marketing for the Costa Rica Tourism Board

costa ricaThe Costa Rica Tourism Board has named San Jose native, Alejandro Castro-Alfaro, a respected sustainable tourism expert and social and business development consultant, to lead the tourism board’s marketing initiatives.

The new director of marketing has already established three main goals for the ICT: optimize resources in order to consolidate successful alliances between the public and private sector, support and grow sustainability hand in hand with the improvements that are being applied to the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) and finally, appeal to niche markets with a more creative and innovative approach. Castro-Alfaro plans on integrating his knowledge within these fields with the experience the ICT has been managing to date in order to bring these points to fruition as a team.

He has significant experience in several industries including: tourism, public transportation and social entrepreneurship. Castro-Alfaro co-led and successfully directed the marketing of the “I Dare You To Plant A Tree” campaign, which resulted in the planting of over 6,300,000 trees in Costa Rica in 2007, one of the largest public-private campaigns ever carried out in the country. 

For several years, he worked in Colombia as a social business Senior Consultant for Grameen Caldas, positively impacting a highly vulnerable population. Alejandro returned to Costa Rica in 2013 to manage the first public transportation company to serve the Guanacaste area.