Secret Bay Celebrates One-Year Anniversary, Launches Residences Program

Just a year after its June 2011 debut, Secret Bay resort in Dominca has received such high accolades from guests that it has decided to give them a special anniversary present – the opportunity to keep a part of this secret for themselves through the launch of the property’s highly anticipated Residences Program.

Clients who have fallen in love with Secret Bay can now purchase whole or fractional shares of a limited number of the property’s villas and bungalows. These villas and bungalows will be built across the four-acre site by hand and without heavy machinery in keeping with its trademark sustainable style, thereby continuing its commitment to the environment while simultaneously ensuring that the client experience remains tranquil and in harmony with nature in every aspect.

As with the existing villas and bungalows, these new accommodations will offer all the personalized service and signature amenities that create the exclusive, unrivalled vacation experience.

Secret Bay has everything from a dedicated personal cook and attendant to extensive concierge services and even one-man jazz concerts in the privacy of a guest’s home away from home.