SECTUR Issues Statement on Effects of Hurricane Odile

SECTUR, the office of the Secretary of Tourism for Mexico, has released its official statement regarding Hurricane Odile in Los Cabos. Though the area is still struggling to gain its footing, the Mexican government is hard at work making sure the situation returns to normal as quickly and as safely as possible.

According to SECTUR, more than 5,000 tourists have been evacuated via Mexican government airlift system. The government is also working to guarantee the ultimate evacuation of all tourists.

The Federal Electricity Commission and the National Water Commission both are reporting positive efforts in restoring resources and services. As of this morning, 23 percent of electricity had been restored in La Paz. 60 percent has been restored in the northern area of the state. Los Cabos, which was the hardest hit by the hurricane, is recovering at a slower pace. There are emergency electricity plants being installed in the area.

In addition, the National Civil Protection System has installed shelters for more than 11,000 people.

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