Sin City and Celebs: Perfect Together


Prive Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood

It’s no surprise the favored playground for Hollywood’s elite is Las Vegas. When young, rich and sexy celebrities want to party, there is no better place to play than this desert oasis. And nowhere can more celebrities be spotted than in the town’s leading nightclubs.

On any weekend, Sin City’s top nightclubs are packed with a veritable who’s who of glitterati ripped straight from the tabloids. Clubs such as LAX, The Bank, TAO, Pure and Privé have become second homes to some of the most renowned faces. It’s almost impossible not to spot celebrity newsmakers with a night out at a Las Vegas mega-club. 

In fact, these nightclubs depend on celebrities visiting their venues to create buzz. And that buzz typically translates into long lines at the door to get in on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s a symbiotic relationship that’s become so important to both sides. Celebrities love it too because they get an opportunity to party in high style, but chances are they’ll wind up in a host of magazines simply because they were at the club too.

Some clubs even have celebrity investors. For example LAX is part owned by Christina Aguilera and DJ AM. Not only do they make regular appearances, but so do their friends. Most notably Paris Hilton, who is set to host a Valentine’s Day bash there on February 15.

Meanwhile at Privé, Eddie Murphy was spotted there during Superbowl weekend. The club opened New Year’s Eve with a performance from Avril Lavigne and every weekend since, there seems to be featured celebrities, as well as those just popping in for a good a time.

Over at TAO, there are always great celebrity surprises. A few weeks ago, Seal made a surprise appearance, playing a late-night set of his top hits. At The Bank located within the Bellagio Derek Jeter made an appearance.

There are literally so many celebrities at clubs in Las Vegas, it’s impossible to name them all. It’s almost as if going to a Las Vegas nightclub were the same as visiting a movie set. You’re almost guaranteed to mix and mingle with a celebrity.   

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