Sinkhole Damages Orlando, FL Resort; No Injuries Reported

Heads up for Florida-bound travelers, especially those looking to explore the resorts and theme parks in and around Orlando: CNN is reporting that a 60-foot-wide sinkhole formed under the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, about 10 minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort, forcing guests out of their rooms as one three-story building collapsed and another slowly sank.

Guests at the resort called for help before the collapse on Sunday evening, reporting loud noises and cracking windows. All guests inside the buildings—an estimated 35 people, authorities said—were evacuated before the first structure crumbled. By the time everything settled down, a 15-foot-deep crater had swallowed much of one building. According to the Associated Press, about 30 percent of the building collapsed around 3 a.m. Paul Caldwell, the development's president, told the news service that 48 three-story units are a total loss. (The resort has about 900 units, however.) 

Aerial video from CNN affiliate WFTV showed one end of the building—which had held two-bedroom, two-bathroom villas—still standing, but the rest reduced to debris.

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