On Site: Ecuador Continues to Expand Offerings for North Americans

While the majority of destinations have cut infrastructure dollars in light of the global economy, Ecuador is one of the only countries continuing to invest in the sector. Travel Agent met with members of the Ecuador Ministry of Tourism, as part of the 2011 ASTA Travel Retailing & Destination Expo.

The country continues to expand its offerings to North American tourists. For example the country continues to improve upon its inter-Andean highway system, building it out out of concrete and making it more accessible to North Americans.

In addition, a new airport is expected to debut in Quito in 2013. The country is working on gaining direct flights from Canada, but for the moment, the direct flights that fly into Quito and Guayaquil include Atlanta, New York, Miami and Houston, among others on the west coast.

Ecuador is gearing up to mass the 1.1 million visitor mark. Last year the country launched a new brand themed "Ecuador Love Life." According to the tourism board, a very high percentage of those who travel to Ecuador have been influenced by the campaign. In just July alone 12 percent of the visitors to Ecuador have been made aware of the campaign.

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