On Site: Samana, Dominican Republic Close to Securing Direct JetBlue Flights from North America

As part of our ongoing coverage of the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE), Travel Agent learned that the island of Samana is close to finalizing direct JetBlue Airways flights from North America.

Although Samana hotel association representatives would not say where in North American the possible JetBlue flights would leave from, we were told as part of our coverage of last year's DATE that JetBlue is expected to operate the first direct flights from JFK in New York to the five-year-old Juan Bosch Airport.

"Even though we have nothing official, we can motivate you by saying that we are very advanced in our discussions with JetBlue, which can finally open the door to the North American market," says Fabeth Martinez Fernandez, executive director of Samana's hotel association. "We can offer the news soon, but we can say the negations have advanced."

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