On Site: St. Martin in New York


Ida Zin-Ka-Ieu, president of the St. Martin Tourist Office, addresses the New York crowd

Thursday night, the Private Roof Club at New York’s Gramercy Park Hotel was filled with sights, sounds and tastes of French St. Martin. On hand to welcome the travel agency community were Ida Zin-Ka-Ieu, president of the St. Martin Tourist Office, and the island’s first Senator, Louis-Constant Fleming.

"We have the most air lift from U.S. to the Caribbean after Puerto Rico and a selection of some of the region’s finest hotels and resorts," Zin-Ka-Ieu said. "We like to think of St. Martin as having the best of what cosmopolitan travelers are looking for on vacation; the shopping of Milan, the night life of Ibiza and the gastronomy and joi de vivre of France all on one beautiful Caribbean island. I am sure you are all familiar with the expression ‘See Paris and die’ well I would to invite you and your clients to ‘See St. Martin and live!’”

Zin-Ka-leu was in town at the official opening of the St. Martin Tourist Office in New York, located in the U.S. headquarters of ATOUT France (the France Government Tourism Development Agency).  Heading up the U.S. office will be Aïda Weinum, promotion manager USA.

"We are thrilled to have a fulltime presence in New York, as the U.S. represents 70 percent of all arrivals to St. Martin," Zin-Ka-Ieu said. "We want to express our gratitude to travel agents, cruise lines and tour operators who support our island and sending Aïda Weinum to this very important market is our way of showing our commitment to you, our partners.”

Visit www.st-martin.org.