South Africa Celebrates Shark Week

As the constant ads on every network and every city bus are reminding us, it's Shark Week on Discovery Channel, and businesses (and destinations) are getting in on the action.

In particular, South Africa is celebrating the awe-inspiring animals, since the country's waters are home to over 200 different species of sharks. Of the 5,000 Great White Sharks believed to be left on the planet, nearly half (2,000) are in South Africa, and the top three deadliest sharks in the world – the Great White, Tiger, and Bull Sharks – are found in the country.

Other cool trivia: Shark cage diving originated in Gansbaai, a fishing village located within the Western Cape, South Africa. One of the world’s oldest shark fossils, dating back to over 360 million years ago, was found in South Africa. And (perhaps best of all), South Africa implemented the Shark Spotters program in 2004, utilizing new ways to prevent shark attacks. Since then, more than 1,300 sharks have been spotted.

As an extension to the festivities, South African Tourism has even implemented a special Shark Week-inspired revamp on Facebook through next Monday, featuring photos, fun facts and the unique “Shark Smarts” interactive quiz game, where players can win a week-long adventure to South Africa.