Spanish Hotel Lets Guests Pay by Touch; No Cash or Cards

For high-tech hotels, this may well take the cake: The Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel in Ibiza, Spain has developed several ultra-modern amenities, like wristbands that automatically check them in on Facebook, and now have "Paytouch," a system that links scanned fingerprints to credit cards and makes paying for drinks or meals as simple as touching a screen.

According to the hotel, once guests register for the Paytouch system, they will have access to events, reserved areas, discounts, prizes, promotions and more. And they claim it's safe: "PayTouch’s biometric technology and the scanning of two of your fingerprints provide faultless identity verification thanks to your physical features. This system guarantees security and fully complies with PCI-DSS security standards," the hotel's website says.

Will this be the trend of the future for easy payments? Sound off in the comments below!