Spanish Region Bans Bullfighting

Bullfighting, Édouard ManetBullfighting may be an ancient tradition in Spain, but under pressure from animal-rights activists, it may be on the wane. The New York Times is reporting that lawmakers in the Spanish region of Catalonia voted to ban bullfighting on Wednesday, dealing the most significant blow so far to a tradition considered by many Spaniards to be "an essential part of their cultural patrimony."

The article goes on to add that the animal rights issue has been overshadowed by a political debate over Catalan identity and a push by local parties for greater independence from the rest of Spain, at a time when similar issues also top the agenda in other parts of Europe.

“This is not an attack against Spain but evidence that we, Catalans, support and share more advanced values with the rest of Europe,” said Josep Rull, a lawmaker from Convergence and Union, a Catalan party.


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