St. Kitts Establishes Tourism Product Standards

In a recent speech made to the island’s Parliament, Ricky Skerritt, Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism, Sports & Culture for St. Kitts, announced the establishment of a new Product Standards Department within the St. Kitts Tourism Authority.

This department has been created specifically to ensure that St. Kitts’ tourism-related businesses maintain a quality of service that is on par with or exceeding that of the tourism industry worldwide.

Phase One of the establishment of St. Kitts’ island-wide tourism service standards has targeted the key ground transportation sub-sector of the industry.

The St. Kitts Tourism Authority’s Product Standards Department has created the St. Kitts Ambassador Program to facilitate the training of all taxi operators and tour bus drivers. These individuals are often the first people with whom a visitor interacts on island, therefore they are in the position to have a significant impact on a visitor’s initial and overall destination experience.