St. Kitts Open for Business Following Passage of Hurricane Earl

The St. Kitts Tourism Authority is reporting that St. Kitts is welcoming guests as normal, having sustained only minimal damage during the passage of Hurricane Earl well to the north of the island on Monday morning.

As St. Kitts was not directly hit by the storm, vacationing on the island was only temporarily impacted while the storm itself was passing. Visitors are now all reported to be safe and returning to normal vacation experience activities.

 “We are relieved that Hurricane Earl passed well to the north of St. Kitts, resulting in minimal damage to the St Kitts tourism product consisting of the usual downed trees, road side debris, and so forth,” Senator Ricky Skerritt, minister of tourism and international transport, told Travel Agent.  “Our two international air and sea ports re-opened for business within less than 24 hours of the storm, clean-up efforts are now nearing completion and electricity has been restored island wide. Visitors are back to enjoying the bright sunshine, sandy beaches and all the rich experiences our island has to offer.  In sum, St Kitts has resumed normal tourism operations.”

Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport and the island’s Port Zante cruise pier were reopened early Tuesday morning and are conducting business as usual. Some power lines were down during the storm, but power has since been restored to all areas of the island.

The storm brought the usual downed trees and road side debris, all of which is being cleared. Beaches remain in good condition. There has been no significant damage to hotels and all remain open for business. One of St. Kitts’ leading restaurants, Marshall’s, experienced both wind and water damage and is expected to be closed for repairs temporarily. The owner told the Tourism Authority that he will take the opportunity to make significant improvements to the venue for the winter season.