St. Maarten Considers Increasing Security Measures at Airport Due to Thrill-Seeking Incidents

Following recent incidents of thrill-seekers being injured while hanging on to the fence at the west end of Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, the airport authorities and government officials are increasing security measures.

According to a written statement from St. Maarten representatives, “We have noted with much regret recent media reports and YouTube postings about an incident over the Easter holidays in which two young visitors were said to have been blown from the fence at the west end of the Princess Juliana International Airport runway, as a jet aircraft was taking off.”

Fortunately the injuries suffered, particularly by one young woman involved, were reportedly not serious.

The airport is currently considering heightened security in that area, in consultation with the St. Maarten government, to allow for a stricter implementation and reinforcement of the warnings to the general public posted along the fence.

“We will continue to take all necessary measures and precautions to ensure the safety of all users of the airport, including persons visiting St. Maarten, and we urge everyone to adhere to all public safety warnings,” according to the statement.

Measures currently in place include double fencing, warning signs, and brightly-painted guardrails - all of which have been implemented in consultation with the government to deter dangerous activity.



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