Study: Nepal Now Safe After Months of Earthquake Recovery

Photo by Niewold

In a new study, Intrepid Travel announced that Nepal’s famous hiking destination of Annapurna is now open for travel after months of recovering from this year’s massive earthquake.

Conducted by Intrepid Travel, Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and a team of geotechnical experts, the assessment deemed Nepal’s hiking region safe for tourism. Together, the team carefully tested 30 bridges and 250 buildings and did not find any potentially hazardous damage. Participating engineers also surveyed the region for rock fall areas. Overall, the team found that while most of the region is now safe, travel companies may still need to reevaluate itineraries and map out safer hiking routes for tourists. 

The Annapurna region will be surveyed again for damage after the country’s monsoon season ends. 

All industries are involved in Nepal’s recuperation. This week, Intrepid Travel, a global tourism company based in Nepal, promised to donate all its profits from the upcoming tourism season to local charities in Nepal to support relief efforts. 


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