Survey: Australia Rules in Americans' Travel Dreams

With a recent explosion of airline routes and partners, Australia's tourism department is hoping that their land Down Under may soon land on top as a world travel destination. Some new survey results should bolster those hopes.


Australia is the most favorable international vacation destination for Americans, if cost was not a consideration, according to a Harris poll released last Thursday. And as the availability— and market competition— of Aussie flights has increased, that cost consideration may start to seem like less of a hindrance for many travelers.

"We are thrilled that Australia continues to rank number one among Americans," says Michelle Gysberts, vice president of the Americas, Tourism Australia. "Over the last several months we have seen fares that are as much as 40 percent less than they were a year ago, meaning Americans can now act on their desires to visit Australia."

Over the past few months, V Australia, Delta and Emirates have all expanded their flight schedules between Australia and the U.s., with carriers now moving between U.S. cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and New York and the Australian hubs of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.