Survey: Family Summer Travel up for Busy Vacation Season

Budgeting and scheduling conflicts have been some of many reasons why families have not booked vacations in recent years, but that is changing according to survey conducted by Ruf Strategic Solutions on behalf of Travel Guard North America. Of those polled, 92 percent said they are either booking a summer vacation, or have within the past two years. In addition, some families are beginning to spend more on their vacation plans and experiences as the survey found almost 50 percent will spend at least $5,000 on their vacations this year.

The survey also showed 46 percent of respondents plan summer vacations with immediate family members, as opposed to larger groups with extended family and friends. The top summer destination of choice was Europe at approximately 30 percent, while U.S. based destinations were also a popular choice at 28 percent. Cruises and history/cultural/educational travel (25 percent and 24 percent, respectively) were also noted as trends for family summer experiences.

When asked about travel concerns, the survey listed lost luggage among travelers' biggest worries at approximately 45 percent. Missed flights (32 percent) and weather/natural disasters (29 percent) were also listed as causes for concern, which may be why the majority of families polled report plans to purchase travel insurance to cover their vacation investment.

"The survey results affirm Americans who stayed home last year during their paid vacations are hitting the road and taking to the skies this year," said Dan McGinnity, Travel Guard North America vice president.