Swine Flu Cases May Be Growing in Cayman Islands

Doctors in the Cayman Islands are expecting pending test results to show more positive cases of the H1N1 "swine flu" on the islands, according to the Cayman Net News. Cayman Islands doctors are expecting results today from 19 disease samples sent on Monday to the Caribbean Epidemiological Centre, anticipating that the flu has eluded local efforts at isolation and started human-to-human transmission.

A male in his late 20s (Cayman’s second recorded case) and his immediate family had been treated with Tamiflu— developed earlier for avian flu— and placed in isolation. Meanwhile, Health Services Authority Medical Director Dr. Greg Hoeksema was waiting on results from 10 samples taken on June 5 from students and parents at the First Baptist Christian School— which last week produced Cayman’s first case of H1N1— and from nine others independently.