Taj Hotels' Leader Honors Employees

Managing director of Taj Hotels Raymond Bickson has released a statement honoring Taj employees who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks at The Taj Mahal Hotel.

"It is a matter of the deepest sadness to the Taj family that 10 of our colleagues lost their lives during the course of the terrorist attack on The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel, leaving their families in deep grief," he said.

"Over the course of the next few days, the entire Taj family will be commemorating
our colleagues who gave their lives and a memorial service is in the course of being
organized. We stand together, unified in grief at their passing and in respect of their
honor and courage.

"The Taj group has also made arrangements to support the 11 employees who were
injured during the attacks. All those who require medical assistance or counselling
support are receiving it and, of course, we are taking care of all their expenses. All
the employees of The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower are being taken care of and some
may be redeployed until operations are resumed."

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