Thailand Provides Tranquility for Rehab Tourism

As mere mortals we often fantasize about the lives of the rich and famous, dripping with glamour and glitz. But fame comes at a price, as the whole world is in on even the most sordid of personal details. (Think The Canyon in Malibu or London's Priory. Do you catch my drift?)

For clients struggling with drug or alcohol recovery, but wish to do so discreetly, Thailand is the new spot for rehabilitation tourism, the latest wave in medical tourism.

Thailand already enjoys international acclaim for medical and spa services. The past five years have given rise to holistic wellness, detoxification and weight loss programs, and drug and alcohol rehab have stemmed from this. These rehab centers offer treatment regimes that consider the psychological and spiritual sides of addiction, in addition to chemical dependency.

Kanchanaburi's Channah Thailand and Chiang Mai's Breathing Space Thailand are two of the leading centers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Thailand. Channah Thailand boats a 92 percent completion rate, soaring above the global average of 50 percent.

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