Top Chef Finale Could Spark Alaska Travel Interest

alaskaLeading up to the season finale, Bravo Media’s “Top Chef: Seattle” whisks “cheftestants” away on a two-episode Alaskan adventure that fans will no doubt be eager to emulate.  Filmed in and around the city of Juneau, the chefs craft dishes showcasing traditional Alaskan fare.  

In “Kings of Alaska,” episode 14, the chefs create a flambé using Alaskan King Crab, one of the state’s signature exports.  Later, they impress judges and locals alike with their individual takes on salmon and sourdough, two widely known Alaskan staples.

In “Glacier Gourmand,” episode 15, the chef’s enjoy a helicopter tour from Juneau to Norris’ Glacier, situated at the base of Guardian Mountain, and discover themselves guests at an Iditarod training camp.  Using only the ingredients found at this camp, the chefs prepare gourmet dishes for the Iditarod dog-sled mushers.

Finally, the chefs are asked to create a dish signifying a defining culinary moment in their lives, which will be served to Alaskan State Governor Sean Parnell.   

Fans of the show can revel in the Alaskan landscape by helicoptering like the chefs, or explore the Iditarod trail by ski, hike, or bike, to test their own cold-weather cooking skills.

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