Tourist Destinations Remain Calm in Wake of Mount Ontake Eruption

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

The Japan National Tourism Organization is reporting that the situations in Japan's major tourist destinations seem "pretty calm," following the eruption of Mount Ontake

The Daily Telegraph reports that more than 30 people were found unconscious and believed to be dead near the peak of the erupting volcano. Mont Ontake, located in Central Japan, began erupting on Saturday, "spewing large white plumes of gas and ash high into the sky and blanketing the surrounding area in ash," the article reports. At least 250 people were trapped on the slopes, and the body count has continued to climb throughout the day.

However, according to the JNTO, the surrounding tourist destinations of Gero Onsen Hot Springs and Takayama City seem to be operating with business as usual. A few domestic flights have been delayed due to route changes between the Hokuriku region and Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. There are currently to delays or cancelations on international flights to and from Japan.

A few hotels nearby have reported some reservation cancellations, even if they are not in the dangerous zone.

We have reached out to tour operators in the region and are currently waiting response.

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