Travel Agent’s Japan Fam Trip: The Final Day

Travel Agent returned from its one-week trip to Japan for the Yokoso! Japan Travel Mart 2009. Our four-day fam trip ended on May 27. It was perhaps the lightest day of an otherwise jam-packed itinerary.

We checked out of our rooms at the Hida Hotel Plaza in Takayama and made our way to Gujo Hachiman where we had yet another arts and crafts exercise. At the Sample Village Iwasaki, our group learned how to make wax replicas of food. They took it lightly on us and showed us how to make lettuce, tempura shrimp and floating candles. As usual, I needed the directions read to me about three extra times, or, if you’re including the English translation, six times. But with the assistance of the employees at Sample Village Iwasaki, I successfully made a wax sculpture.

You won’t find my fake meal in any wax museums anytime soon, but it still felt good to learn a new trade. This concluded our four-day Hokuriku & Chubu fam trip. If you’ve followed the trip via my blogs, it was great to have you along. But that was only the beginning of it. Look out for a future feature in Travel Agent magazine on our Japan trip where we will expand on the many sites and sounds we were involved in and, more importantly teach you how to sell the lesser-known regions of Japan.

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