Travel Agent Tours Japan

Travel Agent's Joe Pike recently attended the Yokoso! Japan Travel Mart and had the great fortune to tour some of Japan's beautiful (and some lesser known) spots.

While touring the Hokuriku and Chuba regions, Pike meandered through Kenrokuen Gardens and got a close look at the Higashi Kuruwa quarter (both of which evoked cinematic imagery). Click here for the full report.

On the second day, our senior editor visited Tateyama National Park, home to Mount Tateyama and a snow covered mountain landscape that offers the country’s famed Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Click here to read why it was one of the greatest scenes he's ever witnessed.

When Joe visited the World Heritage Site of Ainokura on day three, he learned to make paper and saw some historic homes. It's much more interesting than it seems, so click here to learn more.

Before wrapping up his trip, Pike took the time to laud his tour guide Yoshi. The guide apparently made such an impression that Pike recommends him to every agent selling Japan. Why? Click here to find out.

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