Travel Agents: A Necessity in the Bridal Market

The bridal season is in full swing with an abundance of bridal shows almost every week. Most of the shows I attend are jam-packed. The profile is mixed from the young and starry-eyed to the mature and veteran. Everyone has just one objective— to have a memorable event.

In speaking with couples, I have learned that they are not only looking for bargains but also willing to spend a little more to do it right. And how do they know what is a bargain?

Most of them do not have a clue. They are inundated with “free weddings,” competitive pricing, packages of all descriptions and they are absolutely confused. In addition, they cannot make up their minds on the destination and hotel. Each couple wavers between two or three destinations/hotels that come with the best of “free.”

When a good segment of this audience is planning for a destination wedding, you have an opportunity to book a group. Once I address this audience, I am inundated with requests for help both in person and by e-mail. And in most cases, there isn’t a travel agent in sight! The agent is a necessity at these shows— you are in the business of attracting new customers to add incremental dollars to your bottom line. Why not Google bridal shows in your area, call the event manager, and trade your services for a booth? If that does not work, offer a free trip, be a speaker, add a dimension to the bridal fair by proposing a “Dear Travel Agent Corner” where you give advice to confused travelers. Booths are available for agents at reduced rates.

I recently posted on Facebook that I was keen on developing a roster of good agents to whom I can forward some of the requests I get from audiences at bridal shows. Only one agent contacted me, and of course, I sent her some leads and requests. I now have her in my database, but will also follow up with the couples to make sure they are taken care of. 

Recommended Service Provider

To continue building your database of hotels and destinations that makes it easier for you to book weddings or honeymoons, treats your guests well and pays you on time, my choice today is the Pelican Bay Hotel on the Grand Bahama.

Pelican Bay has a tropical island setting and is renowned for its hospitality— just what is needed to make the couple’s wedding or honeymoon an unforgettable experience. Whatever may be the wish or desire and the packages on offer, there is something for everyone. And it is served up in style, against a natural backdrop of some of the most beautiful vistas you could ever imagine.

For you the agent, a dedicated personal wedding specialist will ensure a hassle-free, stress-free and seamless operation. The hotel hosts only one wedding per day, so your clients will not get the “cookie cutter” treatment.

Agents should contact Professional Wedding Specialist Marva Munroe (011-242-373-9550, [email protected]) for details. I have known Marva for years, and she is a true professional, who knows the art of hospitality.

For further information, e-mail me at [email protected] or visit

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