Travel Guide to Sport Fishing in Los Cabos

Los Cabos, known as the Marlin Capital of the World, has transformed from a remote coastal village into an easily accessible fishing destination with several popular fishing tournaments. As the fall and winter get underway, most of Los Cabos' major sport fishing tournaments will be taking place.

Fishing Tournaments in Los Cabos

The Los Cabos Billfish, which ran from October 11-15, celebrated its 18th edition this year, and uses cameras to keep participants and fans around the world updated on what's happening. The grand prize was $750,000.

The Baja coast will be hosting the 36th edition of the Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament and Bisbee’s Black & Blue, held from October 14-16 and 18-22, respectively, with over 150 teams particpating and millions of dollars in prize money. 

In November, the waters off Los Cabos will play host to the Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic.

Los Cabos is home to dozens of world records, including catches in the all-tackle, line-class, and fly-fishing categories. Cabo San Lucas alone lays claim to the world records for the largest yellowfin tuna (2012), wahoo (2005), and houndfish (1993).

The remainder of the tournaments are: Stars & Stripes Tournament, which was held in June, and Bisbee's East Cape in August.

For travelers not looking to take part in tournaments, there are always big fish in season to tackle at their leisure.

Offshore Fishing

Between five to 40 miles offshore (of Land’s End) is the pelagic zone, which has several favorite spots among the locals, including the Gordo Banks, the Cabrillo Seamount, Golden Gate Banks, Spot 45 and 95 Spot. Billfish are very common in Los Cabos with three species of marlin – blue, black, and striped – readily accessible in the water. The first two can be caught July through December while the last is available from January to October. 

Two other billfish species are also very common: sailfish, which can be targeted by fly-fishing, and broadbill swordfish, targeted with deep drop-dead baits. Local tuna species includes yellowfin, and additional fish that can be caught include wahoo and the common mahi-mahi.

Inshore Fishing

Among the plethora of fish available along the rocky shoreline of Los Cabos are: roosterfish, snapper, rainbow runners, yellowtail, and grouper. The beaches right off El Arco and Pueblo Bonito hotel hold jacks, rainbow runners, roosterfish, and bonito. The East Cape’s shoreline is a hot spot for 50-pound roosterfish, houndfish, snapper, and even mahi-mahi.

When to Go

Fall and winter are excellent times for all-around fishing in Los Cabos: six to 12 marlin caught per day during peak season is not uncommon. Mahi-mahi are found July through November; yellowfin tuna September through January; and wahoo and sailfish are available in late summer and early fall. Bottom-fishing for jacks, grouper, roosterfish, and snapper can take place all year. 

Hammerheads, threshers, and makos can be found in the winter and spring.