Travel to Afghanistan?


Logos Travel, a Polish travel agency has taken adventure travel to a whole new level by offering a trip to war-torn Afghanistan.

Advertised as "only for those seeking bruises and adventure," the two-week tour's 12 places costing up to $3,700 apiece are all booked up.

After receiving word of the offer, Poland's Foreign Ministry quickly sent out a warning against vacation travel to Afghanistan which, "remains a zone especially susceptible to terrorist attacks." The warning also cautions travelers that they could be targets for kidnappers because of the strong Polish presence in the NATO force.

However owner of Logos Travel, Marek Sliwka, says that while the danger is real, he has taken proper security measures to ensure the safety of his travelers.

"Military people are saying it's too early, and that it's a delicate situation what with Polish forces being stationed there, and that the presence of tourists could be taken advantage of by enemy forces," he said.  If the safety of the trip is at great risk, he has agreed to cancel it.

But assuming all goes according to plan, the trip includes Kabul, Herat, and the ancient town of Bamiyan.

According to Afghanistan's ambassador to Poland, Zia Mojadedi, a couple thousand tourists visited Afghanistan last year and that there are regions safe for travel. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new vacation destination.

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