Trestle Bike Park and Winter Park Resort in Colorado Closes for the Summer


(c) 2011 Trestle Bike Park and Winter Park Resort

Trestle Bike Park and Winter Park Resort comes to a close on Sunday, September 25. The summer highlighted many of the park’s best features, including:

The Mud Run MS Colorado provided an opportunity to raise charitable funds for the MS Society and increased lodging during the crucial end of season timeframe.
More riders in the Trestle 200 and 300 level classes, which take participants to an even more intense ability level.
New Columbia retail store, as well as a new Bike Source store.
Strong participation in the annual cross-country race series, Epic Singletrack Series.
New addition of TREK and Santa Cruz bikes to the already huge rental fleet at Trestle Bike Park Shop

Youth marketing manager and manager of Trestle Bike Park, Bob Holme, said, “Overall, we’re excited to see the numbers are again up for Trestle Bike Park at the end of another incredible season. This summer has catapulted Trestle to be the second largest bike park program in the world. The size and scale of our programs, plus our events, are only comparable to that of Whistler Bike Park, located in B.C., Canada.”

The Winter Park Resort is looking forward to its opening for winter 2011-2012, on November 16, 2011. The resort will offer the 27th Annual Ski and Snowboard Swap benefitting the Competition Center’s youth programs, October 14-15.