TripAdvisor Survey Shows Increased Summer Travel

The results of TripAdvisor's annual summer travel survey of more than 1,800 U.S. respondents found that 86 percent of travelers are planning trips this summer, up from 81 percent in the summer of 2011.

More than 27 percent of surveyed travelers said they will spend more on leisure summer travel than they did last year, while 47 percent plan to spend the same amount and 26 percent expect to spend less.  

70 percent will stay at a hotel, 31 percent will stay at the home of family or friends and 20 percent will spend their time in a vacation rental home. Of those traveling this summer, 70 percent will go by car, 64 percent will take to the skies.

More than 34 percent of respondents plan to travel for Memorial Day weekend. Of those traveling, 70 percent will get where they're going by car and 27 percent of them will travel between 100 and 200 miles. 17 percent will drive more than 500 miles.

79 percent of those polled said they would be willing to take a spontaneous summer trip if they found a great deal.

The top five most popular summer destination types this year are:
City - 58 percent
Ocean - 41 percent
National Park - 20 percent
Lake - 18 percent
Resort - 16 percent

Hiking is the most popular activity at 31 percent, followed by water sports at 25 percent.

41 percent of respondents said while on vacation they plan to visit a historical site or landmark, 15 percent will attend a concert and 12 percent will treat themselves to a food festival.

Travelers are planning to visit the following U.S. regions this summer:
Northeast - 35 percent
West - 31 percent
Southeast - 30 percent
Midwest - 22 percent
Southwest - 17 percent

The three most popular U.S. destinations for summer travel are New York City, Las Vegas and Chicago.

According to the survey, 40 percent said the main reason for visiting their destination is due to tradition or because it's a favorite place, while 27 percent are going for a new experience.

35 percent of U.S. travelers are planning an international trip this summer.