Turks and Caicos' National Carrier Changes Name

Air Turks & Caicos, the national airline of Turks and Caicos Islands, recently announced the changing of its name to InterCaribbean Airways.  

The "InterCaribbean" name was chosen to reflect the greater Pan-Caribbean expansion of air service in the Western Caribbean in the coming months.  With this a new slogan adopted to reflect the mission, "Connecting you and the Caribbean."
For the first time, traveling between the islands of Western Caribbean may take an hour or two instead of a day or two.  For years the ability for business and leisure explorers to travel between the islands has been nearly impossible.  With the forthcoming expansion of air services, the citizens, residents and visitors will be able to travel faster and easier to create new business and leisure opportunities.

"An important part of this process was to translate the airline's vision in producing a Pan-Caribbean brand that reflects the route expansion and growth of network plans." says Norbert Lambriex, the founding partner and creative director of Lila Design, in a written release. "The lively and joyful Caribbean colors are renowned worldwide and should be recognized while our brand matures into a timeless and powerful image. The logo represents elements of the sea, air, palm trees and flamingos."

Lila Design is a Netherlands based boutique branding company specializing in airline and corporate jet designs. Air Turks & Caicos is the national carrier of Turks & Caicos Islands, operating a fleet of Embraer 120 and Beech 99 aircrafts.

Visit www.flyairtc.com.