U.S. Virgin Islands Issues Update Following Hurricane Earl

As Hurricane Earl has moved away from the territory, the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism has issued the following updates following an assessment of the effects of the storm.

To date, there are no reports of structural damage and no loss of life or injury has been reported as a result of the storm. The Department’s assessment of hotels so far indicates no major damage and hoteliers are in the process of removing debris.

Clean up efforts are currently underway to remove road debris and trees that have fallen due to the storm’s sustained winds. Currently, all roads have been cleared on St. Croix, all roads on St. Thomas and St. John are passable.

Power assessment is currently underway with several areas already restored to regular power. Telephone service has been restored to most areas and cellular phone service is available.

Airports across the territory have reopened and air service to/from the territory has resumed.
The territory’s seaports have reopened following completion of a U.S. Coast Guard assessment and authorization to reopen.

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